Reaching the

young family market

Life Targeting - The Journey

*Mechanics include: Digital (content /PR or offer driven solutions; inventory, competitions, research, mass or pin point targeted media), social, data lead generation (email, postal, phone), data capture, healthcare professional detailing & sampling, consumer sampling & inserts, email solutions (solus and media integrated), across portfolio content strategy, product placement, direct mail and print (adverts, PR driven, competitions, tip-ons).

**Due to some parenting duties is best to catch me between 9.15 – 3.00 – although I am highly dedicated so do work outside of these hours frequently should you enjoy working unusual hours.graph here.

Experience: Over my 15 years working within family targeted media, I have enjoyed working with over 400 incredible brands from MNCs to Start ups. Providing incredible access to the expectant and parenting market, using a mix of 20 media mechanics* to achieve a unique & refined response to brand marketing objectives.

Research (and personal experience x 2) based market knowledge adds to the dynamics and rationale behind many stunning and successful media campaigns.  

The Birth of Life Targeting:
Once Len started school I wanted enjoy the beauty of being a chauffeur**, hence my journey has led to ‘Life Targeting’ (from BrandChef Ltd), acting as a home for independent media sales, specifically communicating with the young family market.  

With passion, respect & insight into the Nursery Industry, my objective is to facilitate current & effective media mechanics to reach this ever-renewing target audience. 

Why is this life-stage fascinating? The pregnancy and birth life stage has an incredible impact on consumer behaviour; changing routines, life style and brand loyalty across categories from skincare, eating habits, health, relationships, entertainment, holidays, shopping habits, moving home to finances.  This catalyst for this re-evaluation acts as a key point of market entry or change across categories - hence a strategic moment to create an impact with this audience. 

What we can achieve: 80% of the Millennial audience are entering the new family life stage (average age at birth 30.1 / 770,000 births expected this year),  Life Targeting provides access to over 45% of this audience, ensuring that we can systematically infiltrate powerful brand communications to this incredible, information hungry audience, who are actively seeking new products and brands.

The media avenues I work with enable us to touch lives in a direct, interactive and relevant manner.

Get in touch:
should you like a stimulating discussion on the market, or to investigate the sampling, digital and data solutions I currently have the privilege of sharing, feel free to give me a call.

Sarah Wilkinson